The Infoshop

The “store” part of the Rocktown Infoshop and Freespace is called the “Infoshop”.  We sell a variety of radical books, stickers, slingshot planners, t-shirts, local-crafts, and local music.  We also have homemade incenses, salves, tinctures, herbs, and teas.  Some of the titles we have for sale include:

  • Bell Hooks’ Living Rage
  • CrimethInc’s Recipes for Disaster
  • Malcolm X Speaks
  • Assata Shakur’s autobiography
  • Outdoor Survival Skills
  • Police Brutality by Jill Nelson

We also have a number of smaller publications and ‘zines, which are either free or for suggested donations.  A diverse selections are covered by these subculture publications such as:

  • Prison Town: Paying the Price
  • Prisoner of the War on Drugs
  • DIY Guide
  • Blood.Cunt: About Radical Menstruation
  • Anarchist Black Cross Pamphlets
  • Virginia Prison Directory Action
  • Rebel Stew

The main publishers that supply our selves are AK Press and CrimethInc.  We are also happy to special order from these or any other publisher.