What Are We All About?

The Rocktown Infoshop is an anti-authoritarian, non-hierarchical organization dedicated to community empowerment through offering resources for change. Located at 85 East Elizabeth Street in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the Infoshop…

  • sells books and local crafts,
  • provides a community trading place with its Free Store,
  • has a Radical Library,
  • has a community bulletin board,
  • sponsors local events, and
  • offers a good-sized meeting space.

We also have free coffee and tea as well as limited, free internet access.

Founded by thirteen original members, all are responsible and accountable for a certain level of commitment, Rocktown Infoshop runs on a consensus process modeled after Harrisonburg’s Rising-Up Collective. (See our Principles of Unity for a list of the values mutually upheld by the group.) Meetings are open and generally take place on Wednesday evenings, though interested parties should contact the Infoshop for definite times. The first meeting of each month is a closed membership/honesty meeting. All other meetings are open to anyone interested. We choose a facilitator, note-taker, and vibes-watcher for each meeting. First, we form an agenda to discuss each point. The facilitator helps the meeting maintain order while the group as a whole finds its own way to consensus. At the end of each meeting time is taken for a feelings check and facilitator feedback. New members are adopted through this consensus process.

The Infoshop is financially supported by the sales of books and crafts, by its members, and by donation. We periodically have fund-raisers of various sorts, including house parties, lectures, movie screens, art-shows, and music. Anyone interested in providing the Infoshop with financial assistance should contact the shop, by either calling, sending an e-mail, or stopping by during open hours.

Principles of Unity

We believe in …

  • anti-authoritarianism,
  • community empowerment,
  • mutual aid,
  • consensus, the right to self-defense,
  • being queer-friendly,
  • the freedom to or from religion, and
  • solidarity for resistance.

We oppose …

  • white supremacy,
  • colonialism,
  • patriarchy,
  • capitalism, and
  • government.